A sandwich from felt with embroidered details


It is easy to cut out and sew play food from felt to use in the play kitchen.

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1   Print the PDF file for this idea. Transfer the templates onto pieces of felt and cut out. For one sandwich you will need; 2 x brown squared buns, 2 x beige squared buns, 1 x yellow cheese, 1 x pink ham, 1 x red tomato, 2 x light green slices of cucumber, 2 x dark green lettuce leaves. A tip: transfer the templates onto felt using chalk or a pencil as a pen may smudge.
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2   Embroider details with wool onto the pieces of food felt using backstitches.
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3   Sew a bun together from two squares (brown and beige) of felt with wool using buttonhole stitches. Leave an opening for inserting the polyester filling. Once the bun is stuffed with polyester filling, sew the opening together.
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Template   Print the template here.
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It is easy to cut out and sew play food from felt to use in the play kitchen.

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