Plaatskaart met een ballon, deco-folie, strik en embossing


Deze plaatskaart is gedecoreerd met een ballon met glanzend deco-folie, een strik en een embossing achtergrond.

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1. Cut an 8 x 3.4 cm piece of white paper. Place 1/4 of it onto the embossing folder between base plate B and embossing plate E. Run it through the die-cutting and embossing machine for an embossed design on 1/4 of the white paper.
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2. Attach the piece of paper onto the place card using double-sided adhesive tape.
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3. Attach double-sided foil tape onto a piece of card and punch out a balloon using cutting plate C underneath + card + dies + base plate B on top.
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4. Remove the protective paper layer from the other side of the sticky double-sided foil tape.
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5. Place the deco foil on top and rub hard to attach it onto the sticky foil tape.
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6. Carefully remove the sheet of deco foil. If the deco foil has not transferred completely or if there are any bumps or unevenness, just rub on some more deco foil.
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7. Tie a bow from cotton cord and glue it onto the place card at the end of a balloon string drawn with a marker. Attach the balloon with a 3D foam pad and decorate the place card with a rhinestone.
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