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Uitnodiging voor huwelijk met gestanst karton


Maak zelf uitnodigingen voor een huwelijk. Decoreer de uitnodiging met bruid en bruidegom. Maak er een bijpassende envelop bij. Sluit met een waszegel.

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Uitnodiging voor huwelijk met gestanst karton
Uitnodiging voor huwelijk met gestanst karton

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    How to do it
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    Place the card on the black cutting mat. Place the die with the cutting side face down. Place platform B on top and punch out by rolling the whole ensemble through the die-cutting and embossing machine.
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    Print the template which is available as a separate PDF file on this page. Use the template for drawing a porch onto laced card and cut out.
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    Glue the porch onto the front of the greeting card using a glue pen. Write the invitation by hand or print it onto paper and glue it inside the greeting card.
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    Cut out a rosette from laced card using the template. You may use the excess laced card from the cut-out porch.
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    Place the invitation in an envelope. Place the rosette on the flap at the back. Light the sealing wax stick and drip wax onto the rosette. The wax needs to be bigger than the seal.
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    Gently push the seal into the wax. Wait until the wax is nearly dry. Now carefully remove the seal.
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