Pompom kabouter met Silk Clay, chenille en kralen


Het lijf en de armen en benen van deze kabouter zijn gemaakt van acrylgaren en chenille. De handen en voeten zijn geboetseerd van Silk Clay. Ook de kleine styropor bal voor het hoofd is bekleed met Silk Clay. Kralen zijn geregen op chenille om de armen en benen meer substantie te geven.

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Pompom kabouter met Silk Clay, chenille en kralen
Pompom kabouter met Silk Clay, chenille en kralen

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    How to do it
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    Open a pom-pom maker and wind the acrylic yarn several times around each part of the two-part pom-pom maker as illustrated.
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    Close the pom-pom maker around two pipe cleaners.
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    Cut open the yarn along the groove between the two discs. Tie a piece of yarn in the groove a couple of times and then tighten. Finish with a double knot.
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    Remove the pom-pom maker and trim the pom-pom with a pair of scissors.
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    Head: Cover a polystyrene ball with Silk Clay and make Silk Clay ears, eyes, nose and mouth.
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    Decorate two of the four pipe cleaner with beads. Model hands and feet from Silk Clay which are pressed onto the pipe cleaners as illustrated.
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    Glue the head onto the pom-pom using a glue gun.
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    Hat: Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea and copy the template onto a piece of felt. Cut out and assemble the hat either by sewing with tacking stitches or by glueing. Glue the finished hat onto the head. A TIP: Attach a piece of string onto the hat for hanging the figure.
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