Klok gemaakt van dienblad en Faux Leather Papier


Maak zelf een klok voor aan de muur van een dienblad en Faux Leather Papier. Je kunt de klok ophangen met Faux Leather papierstroken.

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1   Start by finding the middle of the tray on the back. This is done by placing a ruler from one corner to the opposite corner. Draw a line at approx. the middle and repeat this process with all the corners.
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2   Make a hole with an awl where all the lines cross. The hole must be large enough for the clock mechanism to fit through the tray.
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3   Make a template for the three areas by drawing the outline of the tray onto a piece of paper. Draw the box patterns by placing a ruler from one corner to the opposite corner and draw lines as illustrated in this picture.
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4   Cut out the template and use it for cutting out three pieces of faux leather paper.
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5   Attach the pieces of faux leather paper onto the back of the tray using double-sided foil tape.
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6   Fit the clock mechanism from the front of the tray as illustrated in the picture. You may make a hole in the faux leather paper with a craft knife in the same place where the hole in the tray is in order to achieve a neat result.
Guide step %d
7   Assemble the clock mechanism as illustrated on the packaging.
Guide step %d
8   Cut a 50 cm faux leather paper star strip for hanging the wall clock. Cut two pieces of double-sided foil tape the same width as the faux leather paper star strip and attach a piece at each end.
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9   Attach the ends of the faux leather paper star strip onto each side of the wall clock and press firmly.
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