Kerstkaart met hangende decoraties van Faux Leather


Naturel kaarten zijn gedecoreerd met los hangende decoraties gemaakt van Faux Leather papier en Faux Leather papierstroken. De ontvanger kan de losse decoraties bijvoorbeeld gebruiken in de kerstboom.

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1   Cut two pieces of faux leather paper for each greeting card; one measuring approx. 9.5 x 14 cm and the other one measuring 7.5 x 12 cm.
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2   Scrunch up the pieces of faux leather paper and smooth them out again, thus creating a leather look.
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3   Attach double-sided foil tape onto the back of the two pieces of faux leather paper and attach them onto each other and then onto the front of the greeting card. Smooth them out once again to make sure that it all sticks together.
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4   To make a star: cut 6 x 10.5 cm pieces of faux leather paper star strips. Attach a piece of double-sided adhesive tape onto just one end of each paper star strip as shown in the picture. Attach them together in threes. If you want to weave the triangles into each other, then don't stick one of the triangles together completely, but go to step 6 instead.
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5   Trim the ends to make points. Glue the two triangles together to make a star.
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6   You may assemble the star by weaving the paper strips into each other. First assemble one triangle before weaving the other triangle into the first one as shown in the picture. If the star tightens and bends, this can be fixed by smoothing out or ironing the faux leather paper.
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7   Punch a hole in one of the star's points. Thread a 1 mm leather cord through the hole. Make an incision at the top in the middle of the greeting card. Attach the star into the slot. The recipient of the Christmas card can remove the decoration and use it as a hanging Christmas decoration once he/she has read the card.
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8   To make a Christmas tree: cut a 13 cm piece of faux leather paper star strip and make a point at one end. Cut five pieces of faux leather paper star strip. Glue them onto the trunk with the longest piece (10 cm) at the bottom. Trim the horizontal pieces at an angle using a ruler as shown in the picture. Glue a gold snow flake onto the top. Make a hole at the top and thread a string through the hole for hanging.
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