Formele invitatie voor communiefeest met jurk op hanger


Maak zelf uitnodigingen voor je communiefeest. Deze uitnodiging is gedecoreerd met een gestanste jurk, een roze linkt en zelfklevende halve parels.

How to do it
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Trim a piece of patterned paper so that it is slightly smaller than the front of the greeting card. Attach the paper onto the front of the greeting card using double-sided adhesive tape.
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Punch out a dress from white card using the die-cutting and embossing machine.
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Decorate the dress with self-adhesive half-pearls.
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Tie a piece of decorative ribbon around the waist of the dress and make a flat knot. Glue together with Clear Multi Glue Gel to prevent the knot from coming undone. You may decorate the knot with a self-adhesive half-pearl. Trim the ribbon to suit the dre
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Print text on a white piece of paper and cut to suitable strips. Attach the strip onto the front of the greeting card and trim.
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Make a hanger from thin bonsai wire as shown in the photo. You may use jewellery pliers for shaping the hanger.
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Apply three dots of Clear Multi Glue Gel onto the front of the greeting card and place the hanger on top.
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Attach 3D foam pads evenly distributed onto the back of the dress.
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Attach the dress onto the front of the greeting card so that it looks like it's hanging on the hanger. Attach self-adhesive half-pearls in a row on the left-hand side as a nice extra detail.
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