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Decorating a Black and White Easter Table


This table is decorated with a black table runner, matching napkins, table decorations and feathers. A nest with a decorative natural egg is formed from black alu wire. Place cards are made from card and attached next to the person's place setting.

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Decorating a Black and White Easter Table
Decorating a Black and White Easter Table

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    How to do it
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    Decorate a natural duck egg with a masking tape waistband. Attach a moustache from the sheet of self-adhesive stickers just above the waistband.
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    Draw eyes onto the egg with a black Edding 404 marker pen.
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    Form a nest for the egg from black aluminium wire.
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    Cut out a place card from card. Write the name of the guest on the place card and attach it directly onto the table runner at the place where the person is meant to sit with masking tape.
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