A creative illustration of a Corona monster


The UN's sustainable development goal No. 3: 'Good health and wellbeing' is about global fight against diseases and pandemics. A group of children aged 9-10 were jointly given the task of making a creative piece of art illustrating their feelings and thoughts about the Corona pandemic. After conversations with the adults and collective brainstorming, the children decided to create a giant Corona monster that they would like to lock away. In addition, the children's individual thoughts were recorded and included in a subsequent exhibition in the town's local shopping centre.

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A creative illustration of a Corona monster
A creative illustration of a Corona monster

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    Glue shoe boxes together with gaffa tape to make a large body.
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    Attach down with a glue gun to make the monster furry.
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    Add colourful dots to the Corona monster by attaching painted paper plates decorated with glitter.
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    The children made signs for the exhibition with the wording ”We are locking the Corona monster away”. Furthermore, they made small signs expressing their feelings and thoughts about the time when everyone was sent home from school due to the risk of infection.
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