Rendier gemaakt van styropor en bonsai draad


Dit rendier is gemaakt van styropor eieren, die verbonden zijn met bonsai draad. De poten zijn gemaakt van bonsai draad. De hele figuur is bekleed met Foam Clay. Het gewei is gemaakt van chenille.

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Rendier gemaakt van styropor en bonsai draad
Rendier gemaakt van styropor en bonsai draad

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    How to do it
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    Cut four 14 cm pieces of bonsai wire. Shape a foot at one end of each piece of wire by making a bend. Cut another piece of bonsai wire measuring 6 cm and connect the large polystyrene egg (body) with the small egg (head).
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    Cover the body and head with Foam Clay. Cover the legs and feet separately and push them into the body. Model a small tail from Foam Clay and press it onto the body at the end.
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    Press plastic eyes onto the head and roll a Foam Clay ball for the nose. Attach the nose. Make antlers from two connected pieces of pipe cleaner measuring 5 and 8 cm respectively. See the photo!
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