Een High Tech mand


Gebruik rollen papier met de transparante kunststof sjablonen voor manden weven. Kies papier in specifieke kleuren. De afbeeldingen moeten tot de randen zijn geprint anders laten de rollen alleen witranden zien.

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Een High Tech mand
Een High Tech mand

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    How to do it
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    Find some pages in a magazine where the pictures are printed all the way to the edge of the page.
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    Tear out the pages. Trim the torn edge with a pair of scissors and divide the page in the middle lengthwise.
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    Roll a piece of paper around a No. 3.5 knitting needle from one corner in a 45° angle. Roll tightly all the way. Make sure that the angle is approx. 45° all the way.
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    Secure the last corner of paper with a glue stick.
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    If the rolls of paper are rolled at a 45° angle, they will have a thin end and a thick end, so that they can be pushed into each other, making a continuous cord.
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    Lift the pegs on the plastic basket weaving template away from the base. The rim is now pointing to the right. Attach one end of a paper roll (approx. 5 cm) behind a peg and start weaving in front of and behind a peg. Start with the thin end of the paper roll. Squeeze it a bit flat whilst weaving. Make sure to include the 5cm starting piece in the weaving on the inside of the basket. Cut the paper roll after four or five rounds.
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    Push a new roll of paper inside the first one as far as it can get and carry on with the weaving.
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    Continue like this up the sides of the basket. Roll a lot of paper rolls at the beginning, so that they are ready to be used. Finish weaving the sides and finish in the same place on the basket as where you started. Fasten the paper roll end underneath the side weaving. Bend the flaps on the rim behind the next peg all the way the rim, thus locking the rim.
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