Hangende kerstdecoreaties van katoen en linnen


Deze verschillende hangende decoraties van linnen en katoen zijn gedecoreerd met découpagepapier. De tekst is erop gestempeld met behulp van foam stempels en stempel inkt.

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Hangende kerstdecoreaties van katoen en linnen
Hangende kerstdecoreaties van katoen en linnen

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    How to do it
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    Cut out the desired design from either decoupage paper or a napkin.
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    Attach the cut-out design onto the fabric using decoupage lacquer for fabrics. NB: apply a coat of decoupage lacquer on both sides of the design (i.e. underneath and on top).
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    Decorate with small designs according to your own taste which are cut out and attached using the same procedure as described in step 2.
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    Put together a text using the letters in the foam stamp set. Dab each stamp in the stamp pad with ink and make the print.
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    If the hanging decoration is a creature – for instance a bird – make two dots with a Pearl Pen for eyes.
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