Een sneeuwvlok van chenille en gips


Deze sneeuwvlok is gemaakt van chenille gedoopt in gips en bestrooid met kristal glitter en opgehangen aan een zilverkleurig lint.

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Een sneeuwvlok van chenille en gips
Een sneeuwvlok van chenille en gips

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    How to do it
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    Bend three 14cm long pipe cleaners in the middle and assemble them into a six-legged star.
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    Cut 12 small pieces of pipe cleaner each measuring approx. 4-5cm. Wrap two small pieces onto each of the six legs, slightly offset from each other at small angles from the center outwards. On one of the star legs form a loop for hanging.
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    Mix plaster with water in a tub. For 1 kg of plaster use 0.65 liter of water. To avoid lumps tap lightly with a spoon or with your hand on the edge of the tub. Follow the instructions on the packet. Now dip the snowflake in the liquid plaster.
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    Sprinkle with crystal glitter onto the wet snowflake. Let it dry on a piece of plastic.
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