Een T-shirt gedecoreerd met Neon Textil Color


Een T-shirt en zonnehoed zijn gedecoreerd met Neon Textil Color verf. De print op het T-shirt is gemaakt door zwarte Textil Color verf met een verfroller aan te brengen over een screen stencil.

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Een T-shirt gedecoreerd met Neon Textil Color
Een T-shirt gedecoreerd met Neon Textil Color

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    How to do it
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    Put a newspaper or a piece of plastic inside the T-shirt, protecting the back in order to avoid smudging. Attach masking tape on the front chest area of the T-shirt, marking the area for the decoration.
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    Paint inside the masking tape area with Neon Textil Color fabric paint and a foam brush. Let it dry.
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    Place the screen stencil on top of the T-shirt with the adhesive side facing down onto the T-shirt – and press it down, attaching it firmly.
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    Saturate the paint roller with black fabric paint and gently roll over the screen stencil.
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    Remove the screen stencil and wash it in lukewarm water immediately.
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    Remove the masking tape. You may outline the frame around the print using a black Textile Marker.
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    Fix the paint with an iron for approx. 5 minutes. Use a cotton setting on the iron and put baking paper over the print before fixing with an iron.
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