Neon Textil Color op een T-shirt en cap


Het T-shirt en de cap zijn gedecoreerd met Neon Textil Color verf. De tekst is naderhand aangebracht met foam stempels gedept met Textil Color verf. De omtrekken zijn gemaakt met zwarte textielstiften.

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Neon Textil Color op een T-shirt en cap
Neon Textil Color op een T-shirt en cap

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    How to do it
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    NB! See the following instructions for decorating the T-shirt as well as the cap, using the T-shirt as the starting point. Put a newspaper or a piece of plastic inside the T-shirt, protecting the back in order to avoid smudging. Attach masking tape on the front chest area of the T-shirt, marking the area for the decoration.
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    Paint inside the masking tape area with Neon Textil Color fabric paint and a foam brush. Let it dry.
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    Dab Textil Color fabric paint on the letter foam stamps and stamp your chosen word(s) on the neon-coloured area.
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    Remove the masking tape. You may outline the frame around the print using a black Textile Marker.
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    Fix the paint with an iron for approx. 5 minutes. Use a cotton setting on the iron and place baking between the fabric and the iron when fixing it.
    A Cap
    Paint the cap with Neon Textil Color fabric paint. You decide how big an area you wish to paint. Stamp a text/word on top of the neon-coloured area using letter foam stamps and black Textil Color fabric paint.
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