Kussens van Vivi Gade stof


Kussens genaaid van Vivi Gade katoenstof van de Copenhagen serie. Gedecoreerd met kant of design koord.

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Kussens van Vivi Gade stof
Kussens van Vivi Gade stof

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    How to do it
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    The cushions are sewn to fit stuffed pillows measuring 40 x 40cm. Cut the fabric a little bigger and sew together with a 2.5cm seam. Remember to leave an opening for turning inside out.
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    Cut off the corners as shown.
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    Turn inside out, iron, stuff and sew together.
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    Sew the design cord on along the edge using back stitches (use the holes already made in the design cord).
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    When making the cushion with the lace, place it onto the right side of a piece of fabric and sew it in place.
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    Place the other piece of the cushion on top and sew along in the first seam. Remember to leave an opening for turning. Continue from step 2.
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