Gevlochten armband van pakpapier


Deze brede armbanden zijn gemaakt van kleurrijk cadeaupapier. Het paier is bedekt met zelfklevend plastic folie, gevouwen en in elkaar geweven.

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Gevlochten armband van pakpapier
Gevlochten armband van pakpapier

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    How to do it
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    Cover the wrapping paper with book cover foil.
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    Cut out pieces measuring 7.3cm. You will need 96 pieces to make a bracelet with an internal measurement of 16cm. The bracelet may be extended or shortened by two links in each ring.
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    Fold lengthwise in the middle with the shiny side out and “iron” the fold with a bone folder.
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    Fold the two sides lengthwise to the middle.
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    Fold over in the middle.
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    Fold the two sides in to the middle.
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    Note that each link has an "easy" and a "difficult” side.
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    On the "easy" side there are 4 layers of paper and on the "difficult" side there are 8 layers of paper.
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    Insert one link into another link from the easy side.
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    Insert the third link from the easy side and continue like this.
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    After a row, close with the last link.
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    Do not fold the last link in from the sides towards the middle lengthwise.
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    Insert the last link into the penultimate link as a long link and stick it around and back into the penultimate link. Use scissors or a knitting needle to help insert the links. This is how to lock and complete the ring.
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    Tie around a link to secure a piece of cotton yarn.
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    Three rings have been used for making these bracelets. Sew the rings together. Do not sew into the paper at all but only into the folds. It is important that the rings are pushed together with a side where two layers are showing against a side where three layers are showing. Sew the rings together from the outside. Secure the cotton yarn using the same procedure as in the beginning.
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