A Sixties Bird Hanging Decoration


Christmas birds from patterned paper attached onto a piece of coloured yarn with a tassel and a bead.

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A Sixties Bird Hanging Decoration
A Sixties Bird Hanging Decoration

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    How to do it
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    Cut out six birds using the template on the PDF file. Chose different patterns and REMEMBER to mirror image three birds.
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    The tassel for hanging is made by wrapping the yarn around three fingers. Then wrap a piece of yarn around one end to keep the tassel together. Finally cut open the tassel at the opposite end.
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    Double over a piece of yarn for hanging measuring approx. 240cm and put it through the upper part of the tassel, so the cord for hanging consists of four strings.
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    Then attach the beads and birds onto the string. Start from the bottom. Remember to stick the tail feather between the two layers when gluing the birds together with either glue or double-sided adhesive tape.
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