Maat 38/40: 7 bollen wol. afmetingen: 10 cm = 11 steken. 10 cm = 16 rijen Gebruik breipennen nummer 7. Het bedjasje heeft een rug gebreid in standaard ribbels en een lange voorkant in kabelpatroon die ook de kraag vormt.

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    How to do it
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    1: Cast on 46 loose stitches for the back piece. Knit 54 rows ripped ( knit 1, purl 1), cast loose off. 2: Cast on 38 loose stitches for the cable stitch piece. 3: Purl 4, knit 6, purl 6, knit 6, purl 6, knit 6, purl 4. (this is the right side). 4: The reverse side: "opposite" : knit 4, purl 6, knit 6, purl 6, knit 6, purl 6, knit 4. 5: Knit 4 rows more like that. 6: Knit the cable stitches using the 6 plain stitches. Put the 3 first stitches on a helping needle. Knit the 3 back stitches and knit the 3 stitches on the helping needle. 7: Knit a row like point 4. After that knit 10 rows like point 3 and 4. 8: Knit until 14 cable stitches all in all. 9: Knit the last 5 rows like point 4 and 3. Cast off loose.
    1: Put the knitted pieces in water and strech it into shape. 2: Sew the ends of the cable stitched piece together with each side of the back. Spread out the cable stitched piece the same time you sew it on. The seam is about 2 cm longer than half of the backside. 3: Let 3 cable stitches be open for armhole. At the 4. cable stitch on the backpiece top edge the seam begins. This apply both sides. NB: The bed jacket can be closed with a buckle in front.
    Barcelona yarn
    Barcelona yarn is a super flame yarn mixed 40% wool, 30% acrylic and 30% ramie. Most know the materials as wool and acrylic, but also ramie has been used for centuries and is often used togehter with other fibres. It comes from the nettle plant and is also known as the China grass. The fibres are fine, long and very lustrous, almost silky. Mixed with wool and acrylic it gives a spectacurlarly and lustrous effekt. Barcalona yarn exists in 7 fashionable colours you can see on the right.
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