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Beautiful candles for any occasion


How to do it
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Melt paraffin wax at 80 degrees C, alternatively you can add 0.5% - 1% Vybar wax additive. It is useful when casting in flexible moulds or if you prefer to make opaque candles. Vybar is also a hardening additive that makes the candles more resistant to heat and increase burning time.
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Add candle dye to the paraffin wax when melted.
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Push the wick through the candle mould, tie a double knot for holdind the wick steadily in place.
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Put a needle in the top of the candle mould. Tie the wick around the needle and tighten firmly. Make sure that the wick is place in the center of the candle mould.
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Press a piece of chewing gum or Power tack soft rubber adhesive on the knot at the bottom, so that no paraffin wax runs out.
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Pour the paraffin wax into the candle mould. Refill the hole at the bottom where the paraffin wax has pullled together. Wait until the mass is relatively dry.
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Cut off the knot at the bottom.
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When your candle has entirely cooled off and the mould is cool to touch, remove the mould sealer and the wick holder. Gently press the mold between your hands, upside down, to help release the candle inside. If the candle doesn't slide out, put the mould in the fridge during 10 minutes and try again.
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For a matt finish polish candles with coarse abrasive paper - polish in the same direction all the time.
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Cut a strip of corrugated board measuring 3.5-4cm in width and 25-30cm in length (depending on the thickness of the candle).
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Put self-adhesive rhinestones onto the strip along both edges.
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Cut a strip of marbled green paper measuring 2cm in width and 25-30cm in length.
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Put double-sided adhesive tape onto the back of the green strip.
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Put the green strip onto the corrugated board strip.
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Cut off approx. the half of a head pin and put a self-adhesive rhinestone onto the end of the head pin.
Hang a pendant in green colours onto the head pin.
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Fold the end paper strip around the candle and gather the ends on the back using double-sided adhesive tape.
End by sticking the head pin with pendant into the front of the candle.
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Tips! Making candles is a growing and popular activity for both children and adults. You can easily create unique and beautiful candles in any design you can imagine.

Anything can be used to twist, glue and tie onto the candle.

Use compatible colours so that the ornament fits the colour of the candle.
In this way you can get a funny and different candles, but still with an elegant and tranquil expression.

Place the candles together on a plate in a group or as creative decorations on the table.
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Please note!
When you decorate candles with flammable materials, it is important that the candle is under supervision! When the candle is burned down to the ornament, remove the ornament from the candle.
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