Vazen gemaakt van gipsgaas op ballons


De vazen, die alleen ter decoratie zijn, hebben hun vorm te danken aan verschillende maten ballons omwikkeld met gips gaas. Na droging, zijn de ballonnen doorgeprikt en de vazen geschilderd met A-Color gloss verf en op een servettenring gezet, zodat ze alleen kunnen staan.

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Vazen gemaakt van gipsgaas op ballons
Vazen gemaakt van gipsgaas op ballons

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    How to do it
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    Spread a protective sheet of plastic on the table, where you intend to work. Cut the gauze bandage into strips so that they are ready. Pour water into a flat plate or similar and blow up a balloon. Now moisten a strip of gauze bandage and put it onto the balloon. A minimum of two to three layers. (The more layers, the better). Let the ballon dry for at least 4 hours.
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    Puncture and remove the balloon. Use a flat foam brush and paint the vase with A-Color gloss paint diluted with water. Let the diluted paint run over the sides and let the vase dry.
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    Glue a pre-painted napkin ring onto the bottom of the vase, enabling it to stand un-aided. Use a glue gun and remember that the vase cannot hold water!
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